About Us

Xtreme Elements is a concrete contractor capable to benefit your company by performing all facets of the concrete scope of work from structural to flatwork to aesthetics. With varied project experience in the areas of commercial, industrial, educational, military, medical, and retail construction we are ready and able to complete a wide array of concrete projects of various sizes. We also have experience in excavation and utility work to complement our base operation.

Xtreme Elements is equipped with all of the equipment needed to perform projects of various sizes such as excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks, compaction rollers, trackhoes, skid steers, laser screeds, riding trowels, rough terrain forklifts, concrete pump trucks, etc.

At Xtreme Elements Concrete Construction LLC, our mission is to be the paramount provider of superior concrete services. We pledge: incomparable workmanship and services; professional integrity; aggressive and timely performance at an affordable rate; to consistently improve the quality of our product; to establish a long-term relationship with our clients through anticipation of the customer’s needs; synchronize with the industry’s innovations; safe business practices.